A research study looking at the lives and experiences of families with a mother in prison custody in England and Wales


Who can take part?
The researcher is trying to identify family members in the community to take part in the research, who are either:
  • Looking after a female prisoners' child/children (under 18 years)
  • A young person (aged 15-18) whose Mum is in prison custody
For interested professionals: You may be able to support the research if you are a professional or practicitioner working in an organisation who works with, or has access to, these family members by assisting the researcher in identifying eligible and willing individuals to take part in the research. Please continue reading for more information, and contact the researcher if you are interested in supporting the research.
For interested family members: You are eligible to take part in the research if you can answer YES to ALL the following  questions:
              1)  Are you  a caregiver of a  female prisoners' child/children under 18 years OR  a young person (aged 15-18)
                     whose Mum is in prison?
             2) Has the Mum  in your family been convicted?
              3)  Is the Mum in your family serving a sentence of up to 4 years? 
              4)  Has it been at least 2 months since the mother in my family was sentenced?
If you think you might be eligible for the study, then please continue reading for more information, and contact the researcher if you are interested in taking part.
What does taking part involve for family members?
One informal, face-to-face interview with the researcher (Natalie) at a time that is convenient, and at a place chosen by the family member. This interview is likely to last around one hour. With the family member's permission this interview will be tape recorded.
Taking part in the research is entirely voluntary.  
Before the interview, the researcher will provide the family member with a detailed information and consent form. This will fully inform them about the research so that they can chose whether or not they want to take part. Family members will also be invited to ask questions about any aspect of the research. Once the researcher is confident that the family member is fully informed about the research, and  happy to continue, will they be asked to sign the information and consent form.
Above all, the research is interested in what family members have to say about their lives and experiences.
What about privacy?
The research is strictly confidential.  The research is independent which means it is not being done for the government, or any other agencies, including the Prison Service or Social Services.  All conversations between family members and the researcher (Natalie) are for the purpose of the research and will not be shared with any other agency. 
However, before the interview, the researcher will clearly explain to the family member how far confidentiality can be afforded if there are any disclosures of harm which raise concerns about the safety of the individual, or another person. Any concerns will be discussed directly with the family member in the first instance.
How will  any personal information be kept safe?
All identifying information about the family member (including the recorded interview conversations) will be kept safe throughout the study. All electronic documents will be kept in a secure, password protected area of a computer at the University of Bath, and paper documents will be stored in a locked filing cabinet.
Anything that could identify an individual in the study will be removed. A pseudonym (fake name) will be used in place of the family member's real name and any information about their family (e.g. children’s names) or events/places (e.g. home town) will also be changed in all written reports, publications and oral presentations.